View An Item’s Image Attachments All At Once

This morning I stumbled across an interesting Outlook question on Quora from a user named Sulong Xu. Sulong Xu asks

How can I view multiple pictures attachments at once in Outlook? Other than one by one, because I want to compare the pictures.

Outlook does not have a built-in means of doing this. It only allows you to view attachments individually. What we need is a solution that presents thumbnail images of all the graphic files attached to a message, something like a digital equivalent to a photographer’s contact sheet. This would allow Sulong Xu to view all the attached images at once. Unlike a contact sheet, the solution would also allow Sulong Xu to click a thumbnail to view the full-sized image. Now, how could we add this capability to Outlook?
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Positioning Images in Outlook 2007

I was checking tweets this morning and found this one from @yangwong:

Will buy a drink for anyone who can tell me how to have two images side by side in Outlook 2007 with no “Microsoft” gap in between.

It is possible to do this, it’s just not obvious. Making the images touch requires adjusting the Text Wrapping properties of both pictures. Here are the specific steps.

  1. Insert both images.
  2. Right click the first image and select Text Wrapping > Behind Text.
  3. Right click the second image and select Text Wrapping > In Front of Text
  4. Drag the second image and position it up against or partially over the first image.

Voilà. The images should be side by side without a gap.