Setting a Bulk Message Delay

Yesterday, while reading tweets, I stumbled across this one from ~R4~:

#Outlook folks out there: Is there a way to ‘bulk delay delivery’? Save outgoing email in a folder & autosend all email at specific time?

Outlook has the ability to set a message to go out on a specific date at a specific time, but that is set on a per message basis. There is no built-in way of setting Outlook to delay all messages unless you want to take the time to set a delay on each one. That would be tedious and the tedium would grow in direct proportion to the number of messages you want to send. It also would not work for a mail merge since the merge process sends the items immediately. One possible solution is to set Outlook to work off-line, then send messages. With Outlook working off-line the messages would accumulate in the outbox until such time as you allow Outlook to reconnect. The problem with this solution is that you can’t send or receive anything else because that would mean reconnecting Outlook which would immediately send the messages waiting in the outbox. Continue reading