Print an Envelope for an Outlook Contact


Recently, I was talking with my friend Chuck about features he wishes Microsoft would add to Outlook. One of the items on his list is the ability to print an envelope from a contact. Chuck noted that the only two ways he knows of to do this now is to either do a mail merge, which isn’t practical for printing a single envelope, or to copy and paste the contact’s address into Word. Copying the address is simpler than setting up a mail merge, but it’s still too time consuming. Although I rarely use postal mail myself, I can see how this could be useful for those who do. Time to do some scripting.

At 27 lines of code, the resulting script is surprisingly short. That’s largely due to how easy Microsoft has made it to print an envelope from Word. Here’s how it works. The script starts by checking to see if you have an item open or just have one selected. Next, it checks to see if that item is a contact. If it isn’t, then the script displays an error and exits. Otherwise, it gets the default address of the selected contact, launches Word, creates an envelope, adds the contact’s address, adds your return address (which you define in the script), and prints the envelope. Simple stuff.

Hopefully this script will make Chuck’s work a little simpler, faster, and more efficient.
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