Adding a List of Attachments to Emails as They’re Sent

This morning I ran across the following tweet from hillarief.

As I explained to Hillarie when I replied, there’s no simple way to do this as an item is attached, but it’s pretty easy to do it as the message is sent. Of course this requires a macro. All the macro does is check each outbound message for attachments. If it finds any, then it builds a list of attachment names and appends it to the beginning of the message. The macro ignores hidden attachments (e.g. embedded images). This solution should work for Outlook 2007 and later. Hillarie is using Outlook 2010, so this should satisfy her requirement. Continue reading

Send Messages with Zip File Attachments to Junk Mail

One of the things I do each morning is check Twitter for questions about Outlook. This morning I found this one from Meester Neek.

Someone else had already replied to the tweet suggesting that Meester Neek create a rule to handle this. Unfortunately, Outlook’s only rule condition for attachments is which has an attachment. There is no option for specifying an attachment name or type. We can still use a rule and that rule can use the which has an attachment condition, but the rule is going to have to run a script in order to determine if any of the attachments are zip files and act accordingly. The script itself is extremely simple. All it has to do is check the file name of each attachment to see if it ends with .zip. If it does, then the script will move the message to the Junk E-mail folder. Otherwise, the script does nothing. This solution should work for any version of Outlook on a PC. Note that it will not work for Outlook on a Mac, OWA, or mobile devices.
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Reply All With Attachments


I was checking Twitter for questions about Outlook yesterday when I came across this one from smelibari.

Outlook doesn’t retain attachments on replies, presumably because the reply is going back to the person that sent the attachment(s). Clearly they must already have them or they couldn’t have sent them to you. So, while I’m not sure what the use case is for replying with attachments, the solution is pretty simple. Use a macro to create the reply, then add all the attachments from the original message to the reply. The macro will work with both an open message or a message selected in a folder. Of course the open/selected item must be an email. This solution should work with Outlook 2007 and later.
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