Missed Customer Service Opportunity


I was at an auto dealership yesterday scheduling a service appointment for my car. While I was waiting to speak to a service technician, I witnessed the company miss a perfect customer service opportunity. Here’s what happened. One of the service techs discovered that a customer had left her gloves behind. He handed them to an employee at the counter saying that they belonged to the woman who had been there earlier to have some work done on her car. The service tech asked the employee at the counter to hold onto the gloves in case the customer came back looking for them. From the way they spoke, I took it that they knew the customer. Assuming they did, and assuming they have her phone number, which was the second piece of information they collected from me, then why not call the customer and tell her they found her gloves rather than leaving her to discover they’re missing and wonder where she left them? I know it’s a small thing, but that simple act of calling would likely have generated some good-will for the business. Too bad the employees didn’t recognize the customer service opportunity and take advantage of it.