Automated Reminder Email


A gent named Joni Räsänen contacted me on Twitter with a question/request. Here’s Joni’s tweet.

The solution to Joni’s request is to use Outlook’s built-in appointment reminders to trigger sending the email. To do this, we’ll trap the event that fires each time a reminder goes off. The code will check to see if the item that triggered the reminder is an appointment and if it’s a member of a certain category. Checking the category will allow Joni to set reminders on any appointment, including those he doesn’t want an email sent for. If the appointment is a member of the designated category, then the code will create and send a predefined message. If the appointment is not a member of the designated category, then the code will exit without doing anything.
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Automatic “In Meeting” Response


Imagine this scenario. You’ve sent an email to someone and are waiting for their response. It’s been awhile, an hour or two, since you sent the message, and they haven’t replied. You start to wonder if they got the message, if they are too busy to respond, or if they are just ignoring you. Finally, you pick up your phone and call them. The person answers and tells you they’ve been in a meeting and just got back to their office. Or maybe that situation is reversed and you were the one in the meeting while a co-worker or client was waiting for you to respond. Sound familiar? Wouldn’t it be great if Outlook could respond for you, telling the sender that you’re in a meeting and that you will read and reply to their message as soon as you can?
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Sending a Meeting Reminder Email in Outlook

Wouldn’t it be handy if Outlook had a quick way to send a message to everyone invited to a meeting reminding them when the meeting starts and where it’s taking place at? Yes, Outlook meetings have built-in reminders, but you can’t be sure all the invitees set a reminder and even if they did an email nudge may do more to get them to the meeting than a reminder pop-up. Of course you could create a new message, copy and paste the list of invitees from the meeting item into the address line, write a note reminding them of the meeting, and send if off. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a lot of work to me. I’d rather select an appointment on my calendar and click a button. Let the computer do the work.
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