Exporting an Outlook Distribution List to Excel

Here’s a question I stumbled across last week on Twitter.

As I explained in my reply to Caity, there is a way to do it. This YouTube video from The SmartVA shows how. In short, you have to open the distribution list, act like you’re going to send it to someone else in internet format, open the attachment in the resulting email, copy the contents, then launch Excel and paste the list into a spreadsheet. That’s too many steps, especially if you need to export distribution lists regularly. We should able to export a distribution list with, at most, two actions: select the list, export it. If only there were some way to automate the process.

VBA to the rescue. With a few lines of code, we can make exporting a distribution list a no-brainer. Select the list and run the macro. Out comes a spreadsheet with the names in column A and the addresses in column B. It’s hard to get much simpler than that. Hopefully this solution will be more to Caity’s liking, yours too, than the process the video describes.
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