Creating Outlook Tasks and Appointments via Twitter

One day last February (2011) I was checking for tweets mentioning Microsoft Outlook and stumbled across this one from Richard Harbridge.

oh how I wish I could turn tweets into action items in outlook.

I was already aware of Twittercal (a service that turns tweets into entries on a Google calendar) so the basic idea isn’t new. I do see value in the concept and it sounded like an interesting challenge, and I love anything that’s challenging, especially if it involves Outlook. I had written a couple of scripts that send tweets, since rendered obsolete when Twitter discontinued basic authentication, but I’d never written anything that reads them. I have also developed Outlook macros that allow me to create tasks, add appointment, even fetch files from my computer via emails I send to myself. Except for the delivery mechanism (i.e. a tweet instead of an email) the process is essentially identical. Continue reading