“Liking” Outlook Messages

I’ve run across several tweets commenting on how it’d be nice if you could like an Outlook message, or wishing that Microsoft would add the ability to like a message. Here’s an example from a gentleman named Brad Snowder (@Skywise88 on Twitter).

Dear Microsoft. When I view my Outlook Inbox there are messages I don’t want to respond to, but if I could just click “like” instead. Thanks

I responded to Brad’s tweet asking him what he saw as the benefit of liking a message and how he envisioned that working. Brad replied

I don’t know, maybe the sender would see that I liked and then like that I liked it, and so on ad infinitum.

I have to confess that I’m not clear on the usefulness or value of liking an email. When you like something on Facebook, or another social network, it goes on your timeline and your followers all see it. If you’ve liked something they aren’t familiar with, then the fact that you’ve approved of it may prompt them to have a look. Perhaps it was an article you liked, so they go read it. Or perhaps they had already read the article, so they respond back asking what you liked most about the article thus starting a conversation. The point of liking something on a social network is to deepen the connection between you and your followers. It’s different for email. Continue reading