Exporting Outlook Messages to Excel

I’m writing this post primarily for Sen who in a comment to another post asked

How do i Export e-mail messages with the subject, received date & time from Outlook to Excel with the sender address?

The simplest way to carry out this is to use Outlook’s built-in export capability. Using it you can export to a .csv (comma separated values) file which you then open with Excel. However, there are a couple of drawbacks to using export. Export doesn’t allow you to pick specific messages to export so you’ll have to export an entire folder at a time. It also doesn’t allow you to limit the export to certain fields. Instead it will export everything and you’ll have to delete the columns you don’t want.

A better, but more complicated, approach is to use a macro to do the export. With a macro you can select the messages you want, export only the fields you want, and it can write directly to Excel. The code for doing this is both simple and straightforward. It creates a spreadsheet, loops though the selected messages writing the fields you want to that spreadsheet, then saves and closes the spreadsheet. This solution should work in Outlook 2007 and later.
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