Sorting Addressees

I met Shelly Bowman (aka @g33kgurrl) on Twitter a couple of days ago when I responded to one of her tweets. This particular tweet was aimed at Microsoft telling them that it would be

AWESOME if users could alpha-sort distribution lists and meeting invitees in Outlook

While I don’t think I’d ever use such a feature I can see where it could be useful. Outlook does not offer any built-in means of sorting addresses that I know of. I have to leave room for the possibility that there is such an ability and I’m ignorant of it or it’s undocumented and known only to those that have discovered it by accident.
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Positioning Images in Outlook 2007

I was checking tweets this morning and found this one from @yangwong:

Will buy a drink for anyone who can tell me how to have two images side by side in Outlook 2007 with no “Microsoft” gap in between.

It is possible to do this, it’s just not obvious. Making the images touch requires adjusting the Text Wrapping properties of both pictures. Here are the specific steps.

  1. Insert both images.
  2. Right click the first image and select Text Wrapping > Behind Text.
  3. Right click the second image and select Text Wrapping > In Front of Text
  4. Drag the second image and position it up against or partially over the first image.

Voilà. The images should be side by side without a gap.

Harvesting Addresses from an Outlook Meeting or Appointment

Bob van Leeuwen, known as @Capibaro on Twitter, is looking for a way to harvest email addresses from an Outlook appointment or meeting. Bob’s goal is to import the addresses into another application. While it’s simple to copy the names (i.e. copy the To line) it’s not as simple to copy the addresses.

The only solution I know for collecting those addresses is to use a small script. The code for this is below. As you can see it’s very simple. Here’s how it works. It starts by getting the open or selected appointment. Next, it loops through the recipients collection getting each one’s address. The addresses are kept in a memory variable until the script has read them all. The final step is to open an Outlook post item and insert the collected addresses in the body. Bob can cut and paste the addresses from there into another application.
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